We are a small, professional, dedicated team that are here to work for you to have any credit defaults listed on your credit file removed.

You may be worried or stressed about a loan application being rejected and are not sure why. We can obtain the appropriate documents and help you better understand the situation and options available to you.

There a many reasons why a credit default has been listed on your credit file, there are government rules and regulations that all credit providers must follow before they can put a default onto your credit file.
Credit reporting bodies such as Equifax (formerly Veda), Dunn and Bradstreet are where credit providers list defaults.
Even if you have paid a default, it is still possible to have the bad black mark on your credit file removed from your file provided the default was not listed correctly.
If any of the requirements have not been completed or completed in a timely manner then the default may not be valid and will need to be removed.

Our experienced team will review your entire credit file, we will do the research for you. If any of the legislated requirements have not been completed then we will request that the black mark on your credit file be removed. 
Credit Default Removal will take all necessary steps to have your default removed in accordance with the current National Consumer Credit Protection (NCCP) Act. Credit Default Removal cannot guarantee that your default can be removed if the credit provider has completed all necessary steps prior to lodging the default onto your credit file.
Even if your default is removed there is no guarantee that any credit provider will approve your application and they will make an informed decision on your application in accordance with their credit policies.
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